Programme I Workshops

WEDNESDAY 05th & THURSDAY 06th septembER

From 11h30 am to 01h00 pm

& 03H30 PM to 05H00 pm

Adressed TOPICS :

(20 minutes per workshop)


  • The B.O.S. (Building Operating System) is a core feature of the Smart Building

  • LaaS (Lighting as a Service) benefits that far exceed lighting

  • Lighting and the digital revolution of the building sector

  • How do you create value with R2S?

  • Digital revolution of the building sector: can we make something new with something old?

  • Towards hybrid and reversible buildings to fulfil the needs of our changing lifestyles

  • From the co-working space to the co-living space

  • What are the service platform(s) for the Smart Building?

  • What infrastructure is required for a reconfigurable building?

  • Should the contractual framework of the Smart Building be reconsidered?

  • Cyber-security: a new challenge for the building sector and even beyond

  • AI serving the needs of the users and the building (overview - hopes - limits)

  • Back to the future: is direct current the future of electricity?

  • From  BIM in design, construction and operations to unified BIM

  • Form BIM to CIM, what links are there between the digital model of the building and the digital platform of the region?

  • Identification and traceability of objects in the smart building and the Smart City

  • Self-powered & wireless IoT solutions is key to Smart Buildings & Smart Cities


  • Conversion of shopping centres: new living spaces between cities and regions


  • R2S: using digital technology to create more fertile regions


  • Carefully planned infrastructure for a Smart Region

  • What is the role of data in the Smart City?


  • Are the new eco-districts the spearhead of the Smart City?


  • Smart Grid, Micro Grid and Own consumption: the energy revolution is underway


  • Can the Smart City be achieved without redefining the forms of governance and the regulatory framework?


  • The role of the building sector in the development of a "Mobility as a Service" solution

  • Rethinking territorial planning, starting with the sharing of space and mobility

Technology & Society

  • Blockchain, a new tool for solidarity

  • Is blockchain the new cement of the Smart City?

  • Service and collaborative robots: where do we stand?

  • What are the limits of a fully-digital system: traceability, disconnection, predictability, etc.?

  • New human-machine interfaces (voice, image, motion, etc.): what are the consequences on the building and the city?


  • ​Reconfiguration of building trades to cope with smart work packages

  • Impact of R2S on the FM profession, role of the DM (Digital Manager)?


  • Towards certification for the installers and integrators of the Smart Home and the Smart Building


  • Towards certification of the Smart Building equipment and solutions


  • Banking & Insurance: what role do these sectors have to play in the Smart Building and the Smart City?

  • Operating a smart building: impact on businesses and uses

  • Smart building from start to finish - The Smart Building Continuum

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